Parc de Nadal

"Parc de Nadal de Reus" reopened its doors from the 27th of December until the 4th of January at firaReus. Several entities took part in it with different activities for the youngest. Moreover, this year there was an innovation related to new technologies, bringing a game for smartphones which encourage people to go through some tests and clues.






Reus Esport organizes, every year, an event called Parc de Nadal in the firaReus. Several entities and associations from the city prepare several activities for the youngest ones to make them have a funny and great holidays.

We wanted to be present in the Parc contributing with what we do best, new technologies. Thus, we developed an application full of challenges, which must be unlocked one by one and it allowed the attendees to walk all around the Parc knowing and participating with the present entities and their activities.

It was also a way to involve all the family members, providing entertainment for parents and younger brothers and an excuse to wander around the area.

The main topic of this event was the civility. In order to work with it, we proposed a battery of questions to the users to consider which behaviors should they have in different situations and try to teach the children the importance of being civil and respectful with people.

Our application, implemented on the Android platform, suggested some questions and challenges for each day, so that, the attendees could play with it and have enough time to visit the other entities.

Every day there were several questions and also some clues about some elements which could be found in the Parc. There were two ways to unlock this last kind of clues:

  • Seeking the QR code and scanning it, which unlocked the next question or challenge.
  • Using NFC technology, approximating the phone to the NFC tags which could be found next to the QRs.

This application is a clear example of gamification, a process that converts any activity in a game. As such, each time a question is answered or an item was found, the user unlocked a medal, which gave some points. To encourage competition and the use of the app, users could see, through Google+, if their friends were playing and what was their score, which encouraged them to play and solve all the puzzles.

Finally, some secret clues were placed throughout the area. The users had to find them in their own initiative. When found, gamers got some extra points.

We hope you enjoyed our activity and, above all, that you all had a good time at the Parc de Nadal.