• Smart Cities

    The city lights to new feats

    Homero Aridjis

  • What?

    Technology alone is not enough. We also need to put our heart

    Jane Goodall

  • Why?

    Modern life demands and is waiting for a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.

    Le Corbusier

  • How?

    Smart cities can not exist without smart citizens

    Antonio Prado

Bringing technology to improve people's quality of life.


Check out where we are.

Stand in the ExproReus

From 8 to 12 October we attended the 44th edition of the Exproreus in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Reus (Tarragona). Exproreus is one of the largest and most established multi-sectoral fairs throughout Catalonia...

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Google Glass Workshop at Espai Kesse

On Juny 29 we made a workshop at Espai Kesse Tarragona about wearables devices. We talk about smart watches and especially about the Google Glass. The attendees were able to see the Android Wear devices of Samsung, Gear Live, and the Google Glass. During the workshop ...

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Google I/O Conference at San Francisco

On 25th and 26th June we were in San Francisco to assist the Google I/O conference for second consecutive year. In the Google I/O are presented developments in technology and devices that will be in the coming months...

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True progress is to make technology accessible to all

Henry Ford

What we do

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Smart4Cities believes that mobile devices are an important tool for promotion, revitalization and, of course, communication.

Today almost everyone has a mobile phone that allows you to check your email and social networking as well as the location in an unfamiliar city, its restaurants, bars and shops and the festive events which are held around it.

We think it's important to take advantage of the technological development and ensure that people can not only receive information from their environment but also to interact with it.


Using the mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular, being a tool that provides mobility, dynamism and immediacy to your business, and its integration with the IT infrastructure of your company is the most important thing.

From Smart4Cities we offer custom application development with integration of mobile technologies to streamline the daily management of your business and make it more productive and competitive.

If you are going to incorporate mobile technologies into your business, contact us. We can arrange a meeting where you can tell us your idea and we will study its technical feasibility and to prepare a project development proposal.



Use of game techniques in non playful environments in order to enhance the effort, competitiveness and motivation among groups of people through mobile technologies.


Design of custom applications on mobile platforms for interaction between the user and public transport, among others.


E-commerce applications that provide services to make online payments with credit cards and e-business.


Machine to machine concept. Systems of information exchange and communication between different devices.


Design of web applications for consultation and interaction with remote sensors or devices.


Implementation of wireless systems with technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives

Tom Clancy


Check our latest projects

FIBO Reus 2014

February, 05 - February, 05

This year, the new edition of FIBO Reus had its own application for Android smartphones and also a responsive website for all the other mobile platforms (iOS, Windows Phone), whose functionality and design was exactly the same as the Android app.
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Parc de Nadal

December, 27 - January, 07

"Parc de Nadal de Reus" reopened its doors from the 27th of December until the 4th of January at firaReus. Several entities took part in it with different activities for the youngest. Moreover, this year there was an innovation related to new technologies, bringing a game for smartphones which encourage people to go through some tests and clues.
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Google I/O Extended '13

April, 15 - May, 17

For the second edition of Google I/O Extended, held in firaReus facilities, we developed an application to manage the attendees entrance and do the check in. Tickets were NFC cards. The first application functionality, then, is the ability to write these ones with the data from each participant.
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People are different in each city and country and build different cities. The city is because the people are so

Clorindo testa


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The city does not consist of houses, porches, or public places: men are those who make it real

Eugenio Espejo

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